viton hose 3125 psi in singapore

Development of an Environmentally Friendly Snowmobile

piece of Viton fuel line and the other was (58PSI continuous, with spikes up to 78PSI). The SAE 30R2 rated hydraulic hose is an ethanol

Polyimide seamed belt

typically 1×103 to 1×106 psi; electroconductivity, typically 108 to VITON A®, VITON E®, VITON E60C®, VITON E45®, VITON E430®


(flurosiloxanes), Viton™, polysulfide, poly(thiolether), and poly( having an average modulus of elasticity less than generally 250 psi) may

Wet-type image formation apparatus

2014321- and tetrafluoroethylene such as those known commercially as VITON B®; at 31° C./1100-1400 psi, followed by drying under vacuum at 80°

High strength reactive materials

psi and a strain greater than about 30% elongation at break, wherein the and Viton® brand fluoroelastomers such as Viton® B and Vitron® E

4-in-1 3" NPS Pressure Relief Vent, Viton O-Ring, Pressure

4-in-1 3" 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Relief Vent w/Viton O-Ring. Pressure vent w/ 5.0 PSI for IBC tanks. Shop all of our Pressure/Vacuum Vents

Pressure seal for valve stems and the like

2007119-(e.g., Viton™), and a ring or shell member 64 having a generally (e.g., Compression Modulus in excess of approximately 50,000 psi)

Dual energized hydroseal

20090255684 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THRU TUBING which may be in excess of 20,000 psi therefore works better than the Viton as a

Proton exchange membrane electrochemical cell system

VITON® (commercially available from E. I. and most preferably up to about 1,000 psi or and fitting 314 accepts suitable tubing for

High-voltage, low-inductance gas switch

element analysis determined that the minimum safety factor at 250 psi was O-rings Viton Gas lines 1/8″ OD PEEK End caps Aluminum FIG. 8


hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene known commercially as VITON B® Filler Level Break (psi) (psi) (psi) (in lbf/in) 0 590 177 495

Fiber containing particulate elastomeric composition

A low viscosity form of Viton® available larger increase in modulus to 1420 psi (9791 conveyor belts, hoses, wheels and many other

5-in-1 3" NPS Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vent, Viton O-Ring,

5-in-1 3" 316 Stainless Steel Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vent w/Viton O-Ring. Pressure vent w/1.0-5.0 PSI and Vacuum vent w/ 0.5 PSI for IBC

KPS 3/4-00, Art.-Nr. 234-1-22-00/02LINATOR AG--

803 A , L-connector 3wire,0-200psi ,0-10 0-1M/S OUT=4- 20mA,UB=24VDC 504 712-31251 cylinders HD6020PKP/80/45-140-A + B Viton

Reduced area gaskets

Viton, Red Rubber, etc.) ⅛″ thick expanded PTFE (GORE-TEX ®, ⅛″ thick filled PTFE 4,800 psi The cause of poor sealing performance


psi, and a flexural modulus of from about 25,000 to about 55,000 psi. tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene known commercially as VITON A®

Ambient cured flexible fluoroelastomer coatings and coated

hoses, belts, rubber bonded metallic mounts, Certain Viton® copolymers of vinylidenefluoride and tensile strength of 600 psi or more, as

Magnetic tape cartridge and system

20081119-Viton, where the Viton has a Shore A hardness of about 71, a tensile psi, and elongation of about 341%, a 100% modulus of about 495 psi

Combination swivel and ball dropper

ring comprised of viton, ring comprised of teflon, and male packing end tubing having the following properties: (120,000 psi (827,400 kilo pascal

Elastomeric Sealing Element for Gas Compressor Valve

and a pressure between about 0 PSI to 12,000 PSI. 4. The sealing , Dyneon (Dyneon), Tecnoflon (Ausimont) and VITON (DuPont Dow) perform

Phase change ink imaging component having elastomer outer layer

This is approximately twice the ink yield strength of about 250 psi at 50 tetrafluoroethylene and a cure site monomer, for example, VITON® GF


psi (6.9 MPa), and the camera recorded the sizes of the particles during Then, the three VITON™ particles were exposed to carbon dioxide at

Polyurethane and doped metal oxide transfer components

2001819- and fluoroelastomers such as those sold under the tradename VITON® such have a resistivity of 1010 ohms/sq and an initial modulus of 50

Oilfield Elements Having Controlled Solubility and Methods of

psi (28 mPa), or minimum strain energy per tubing, blow out preventers, sucker rods, O-Viton® AL 300 and Viton® AL 600 can also

Burn rates of TiH2/KClO4/Viton and output testing of NASA SKD

Burn rates of TiH2/KClO4/Viton and output testing of NASA SKD26100098-301(22 psi) and 21.6 MPa (3.13 Kpsi) and a = 4.38 cm/sec/MPan and


2018115-Barksdale EPD1H-AA3 0.22-12PSIKracht KF80RF23BRAMMER 0.10" x 17.79" x 18.00" Viton Dietzel Waterblast HP-Hose/?1000bar?-?DN13?0?

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